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CCBMooserFA1Re: Just for general info of the CPTAQ process05/27/17 01:10pm
TLTDogFA0Human safety trials successful! TLT moving on to efficacy.05/27/17 12:30pm
CCBDennisFA7Re: Just for general info of the CPTAQ process05/26/17 09:08pm
CCBmakitoFA7Re: Just for general info of the CPTAQ process05/26/17 09:40am
CCBMooserFA6Just for general info of the CPTAQ process05/25/17 02:07pm
GENERALrabbatFA0The Pfennig05/25/17 08:11am
GENERALrabbatFA4The Pfennig05/24/17 08:38am
GENERALrabbatFA0Re: Nice well organized videos on newer graphene developments05/23/17 09:30am
GENERALMooserFA3Nice well organized videos on newer graphene developments05/23/17 12:35am
GENERALrabbatFA2The Pfennig05/22/17 09:04am
GENERALDogFA1Re: Late Pfennig05/21/17 04:53pm
GENERALrabbatFA1Late Pfennig05/18/17 04:02pm
RTMcdnxtrackerFA0RT grants 1.68million options 05/18/17 03:47pm
GENERALLiamFA3Re: From the 05/18/17 11:12am
GENERALMooserFA5Re: From the 05/18/17 11:02am
GENERALvt75FA2Re: From the "right"05/18/17 08:53am
GENERALbuckeyeFA3From the "right" side about the Trump Impeachment05/18/17 03:37am
CCBDennisTA7Re: CCB project schedule projections05/17/17 11:29am
GENERALrabbatFA1The Pfennig05/17/17 09:46am
CCBmmcraeFA2Re: CCB project schedule projections05/17/17 01:23am
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IPXLhubcitTA0IPXL chart05/13/17 03:50pm
GENERALPostmanTA0Re: AMFE04/13/17 12:41pm
GENERALPostmanFA0Re: AMFE04/12/17 04:16am
GENERALPostmanFA0AMFE03/14/17 12:56pm
GENERALMarcelFA0NXS.V - Nexus Gold Completes Drilling at Niangouela 01/04/17 02:11pm
AAPLLiamFA0Apple sitting on a powder keg of dramatically aging iPhones10/24/16 12:27pm
NOGhubcitTA0buy imho08/08/16 03:09am
GENERALhubcitTA0$WTIC bullish08/05/16 02:35am
GENERALhubcitTA0$WTIC reversing08/04/16 01:39am
GENERALhubcitTA0$WTIC chart is still bearish08/02/16 11:26pm
GENERALhubcitTA0$WTIC double bottom needed07/28/16 02:20pm
GENERALhubcitTA0$WTIC falling wedge07/25/16 08:19am
GENERALhubcitTA0Re: corn and weat07/20/16 12:37pm
GENERALhubcitTA0spy breakout on weekly07/18/16 07:56am
GENERALhubcitTA0corn and weat07/13/16 12:31am
GENERALhubcitTA0NIHD07/10/16 06:56pm
GENERALhubcitTA1SPXS07/06/16 06:34am
GENERALhubcitTA1lower $USD should make gold silver and oil go higher06/19/16 08:56pm
HUNhubcitTA1nice setup IMHO06/19/16 12:44pm
WTIhubcitTA1$VIX is high06/12/16 02:43pm
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@COMPUTERSMooserFA0ai and ae04/24/17 02:08am
@WEEDred~oneFA0Okay03/20/17 07:52pm
@GOLDGoldSilvBullFA0A Request For Your Support - Ride to Conquer Cancer03/14/17 04:25pm
@JOKElassiFA1Nigerian prince needs help02/24/17 06:46am
@GOLDGoldSilvBullFA0Support My 2017 Conquer Cancer Ride12/24/16 08:14am
@GOLDMarcelFA0Re: The uptrend report - time to buy goldies12/02/16 01:24pm
@TRADING RULESPostmanTA0Re: Linda Raschke’s Technical Trading Rules11/30/16 01:08pm
@GRAPHITEDogFA0Graphite Mining Outlook For 2016: Double digit growth...11/27/16 06:33pm
@TRADING RULESDogFA0Linda Raschke’s Technical Trading Rules11/27/16 06:03pm
@GOLDMarcelFA0Re: The uptrend report - time to buy goldies11/10/16 01:43am
@JOKEhopingFA1Joke10/28/16 03:03pm
@WEEDred~oneFA0Re: Sample...today on the CSE10/25/16 09:01pm
@WEEDred~oneTA0Sample...today on the CSE10/20/16 09:27pm
@WEEDred~oneFA0List of MMJ stocks via link10/20/16 07:58pm
@WEEDred~oneFA1Crazy Volatility...Crazy Gains10/20/16 07:09pm
@JOKELynx222FA1How to start a fight...09/29/16 07:07pm
@JOKELynx222FA0The Red Phone09/22/16 04:12pm
@GOLDLynx222TA1The uptrend report - time to buy goldies09/07/16 10:01pm
@COMPUTERSarkaroolaTA0Chiefnews login Issues with Chrome08/23/16 09:11am
@GOLDGoldSilvBullFA0Support MY CONQUER CANCER RIDE 2016 - For Cancer Research03/26/16 07:50am
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$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefAnother day at the liars den01/15/16 08:47am
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefTime for a SmokeSignal08/24/15 10:46pm
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefWay ahead02/03/15 07:45am
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefZEN as a teaching tool01/17/15 12:56pm
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefDeflation or is it?12/27/14 10:40am
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefDeflationary cycles12/08/14 07:50am
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefWhat now brown cow?10/19/14 10:20pm
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefEbola and the USA10/13/14 07:42pm
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefFirst sign of a possible rollover10/07/14 08:40pm
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefFrustration08/17/14 09:34pm
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefThe fiasco may have come to an end08/10/14 10:05am
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefIts all about the money08/03/14 11:47am
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefChasing tail06/08/14 10:47am
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefSad but true06/02/14 08:31am
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefTime, she is a wastin05/19/14 09:04am
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefZEN and TESLA05/11/14 09:13pm
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefThings look a little tougher everyday05/05/14 12:30am
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefNow for some good parts and not so good parts04/27/14 10:30am
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefChina and Li Ka Shing04/20/14 11:32am
$SMOKESIGNALTradingChiefOur Favs vs the Manipulated Markets04/13/14 10:45am

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