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Terms starting with 'Z'
A NASDAQ stock symbol specifying that it is a miscellaneous situation such as a depositary receipt, stub, additional warrant, or unit.

A statistical measure that quantifies the distance (measured in standard deviations) a data point is from the mean of a data set. In a more financial sense, Z-score is the output from a credit-strength test that gauges the likelihood of bankruptcy.

In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the South African Rand.

Zero Balance Account - ZBA
A checking account in which a balance of zero is maintained by automatically transferring funds from a master account in an amount only large enough to cover checks presented.

Zero Based Budgeting - ZBB
A method of budgeting in which all expenditures must be justified each new period, as opposed to only explaining the amounts requested in excess of the previous period's funding.

Zero Basis Risk Swap - ZEBRA
A swap agreement between a municipality and a financial intermediary.

Zero Cost Collar
A type of positive-carry collar that secures a return through the purchase of a cap and sale of a floor. Also called "zero cost options" or "equity risk reversals."

Zero Minus Tick
A transaction made at the same price as the preceding trade, but at a lower price than the last trade at a different price. Also known as a zero downtick.

Zero Plus Tick
A transaction at the same price as the preceding trade, but at a higher price than the last different trade. Also known as a zero uptick.

Zero-Beta Portfolio
A portfolio constructed to have zero systematic risk or, in other words, a beta of zero.

Zero-Coupon Bond
A debt security that doesn't pay interest (a coupon) but is traded at a deep discount, rendering profit at maturity when the bond is redeemed for its full face value. Also known as an accrual bond.

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Zero-Coupon Convertible
A zero-coupon bond issued by a corporation that can be converted into that corporation's common stock. Also known as a split coupon bond.

Zero-Sum Game
A situation in which one participant's gains result only from another participant's equivalent losses. The net change in total wealth among participants is zero; the wealth is just shifted from one to another.

Zig Zag
A technical analysis indicator that filters out changes in an underlying plot that are less than a specified amount.

In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the Zambian Kwacha.

Companies that continue to operate even though they are insolvent. Also known as living dead.

Government (usually municipal) laws that control the use of land within a jurisdiction.

In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the Zimbabwe Dollar.

A company owned by Barry Minkow in the 1980s. Through such means as forgery and theft, Minkow appeared to be building a multimillion dollar corporation. ZZZZ Best went public in December of 1986, eventually reaching a market capitalization of over $200 million (U.S. Dollars).

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