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7midnightTA0Re: chart08/25/13 07:14pm
7midnightTA0Re: chart06/19/13 06:39pm
7midnightTA0Re: LT chart04/25/13 05:10am
7midnightTA2Re: LT chart04/21/13 04:14pm
7midnightTA0LT chart06/03/12 07:29pm
7midnightTA0Re: chart11/10/11 09:11pm
7midnightTA1Re: chart10/26/11 06:24pm
7midnightFA0Dr. Copper showing barely a pulse of demand 10/23/11 06:09pm
7midnightTA0Re: chart10/20/11 03:28am
7midnightTA0chart05/10/11 02:44am
7midnightTA0Re: copper chart - update12/15/10 03:26am
tgarfieldTA0Breaking out12/13/10 05:34pm
7midnightTA1Re: copper chart - update12/07/10 05:49pm
cdnbeauFA1Re: Copper ETF's coming:12/06/10 11:44pm
EvaTA0Copper ETF's coming:12/06/10 01:44pm
tgarfieldFA0Re: Up to 80% of LME copper stocks held by single trader...12/03/10 09:07pm
infojoeFA0Up to 80% of LME copper stocks held by single trader...12/03/10 09:49am
7midnightTA1Re: copper chart - update12/02/10 02:00am
7midnightTA0copper chart - update12/01/10 03:18am
infojoeFA0Copper: how certain is the predicted supply squeeze?...11/26/10 12:20pm
infojoeFA1Refined copper deficit was 19 000 t in August - study group11/25/10 06:38am
7midnightTA0copper chart11/25/10 04:41am
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