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@GUESS - Guess ZEN 43-101
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User Rec'sSubjectTime
DonnyParksFA0Re: guess12/07/13 10:15am
GilmarFA0Re: guess12/06/13 09:44am
TradingChiefTA1Re: guess12/04/13 04:22pm
TysheaTA0guess12/02/13 07:24am
ValueFinderFA0Re: My guess 1m indicated & 1.2 Inferred12/02/13 07:01am
VersatileyeFA9900K probable + 700K plausible + 700K possible12/02/13 12:44am
coolTA0Re: Guess12/01/13 11:38pm
fintasticFA01.15 indicated + 685,000 inferred12/01/13 09:05pm
MooserFA1Mooser says 1.22 in-dicked and 4.5 in-furry section12/01/13 08:55pm
MiatukFA0My Guess - 1.95 million (1.2 + .75)12/01/13 08:40pm
FishyfishFA0Guess---1.27 mt total12/01/13 06:27pm
FA0My guess12/01/13 06:26pm
tturner617FA0My "Oh-Crap" guesstamate12/01/13 06:23pm
FA0guess12/01/13 06:04pm
SidethreeFA0Guess12/01/13 05:18pm
gimmelootFA0Re: My Guess - 2.5M (1.4 + 1.1)12/01/13 04:48pm
samcroTA099.9999t12/01/13 04:30pm
DonnyParksFA0Re: My Guess12/01/13 04:22pm
DanksFA0Re: My Guess - 2.05M (1.56 & .49)12/01/13 03:44pm
geneveFA0Zen Guestimate..12/01/13 03:44pm
crocusFA01,010,000 tonnes indicated, 240,000 tonnes inferred12/01/13 03:41pm
hoper35FA0Guess12/01/13 03:31pm
ForresttFA0Re: This is it!12/01/13 03:26pm
ForresttFA0This is it!12/01/13 02:19pm
NRFTA0(My) Best Guess12/01/13 01:27pm
Tidal PoolFA3Graphic of Results so far12/01/13 12:13pm
jimmer10FA1Re: My Guess12/01/13 10:41am
dalmoreFA0Re: My Guess12/01/13 07:13am
EvaFA1Re: My Guess12/01/13 12:51am
FastmakFA0Re: My Guess11/30/13 07:03pm
kroumFA0Re: My Guess11/30/13 05:02pm
DexterFA0Re: My Guess11/30/13 04:55pm
Grogger42FA0Re: My Guess11/30/13 04:47pm
ravFA0Re: My Guess11/30/13 04:44pm
husk16FA0Re: My Guess11/30/13 04:43pm
fwsFA0Re: My Guess11/30/13 04:23pm
snezzerFA0Re: My Guess11/30/13 04:07pm
makitoFA0Re: My Guess11/30/13 03:52pm
ShakeyFA0Re: My Guess11/30/13 03:49pm
GilmarFA0Re: My Guess11/30/13 03:30pm
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