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ShakeyFA3bee sting while golfing,,,08/17/13 12:55pm
metals33FA2Adopt a Terrorist08/13/13 02:17pm
metals33FA2Canada has new stamp08/08/13 01:45pm
GilmarFA1Dead Horse Theory08/04/13 12:29pm
metals33FA4Sex after surgery08/02/13 09:32pm
Lynx222FA2Whorehouse sues Church07/30/13 07:15pm
Lynx222FA1Bankers07/22/13 07:59pm
coolFA0 The End is Near07/16/13 08:22am
lassiFA4sad cat diary...06/10/13 09:58pm
metals33FA1Stella Awards05/31/13 05:29pm
7midnightFA2The bagpiper's lament05/26/13 05:29pm
metals33FA1Mathematics05/26/13 01:39pm
metals33FA1New Commemorative Pistol05/25/13 12:05am
metals33FA1The Pilot and the Priest04/16/13 11:55pm
DogFA0Free shipping at Kmart...04/16/13 05:02pm
coolFA1 Copper Wire04/16/13 03:10am
DogFA1A male fairy tale...04/09/13 07:58pm
DogFA424 puns...04/03/13 11:36pm
KevinKTTA1President and VP03/14/13 11:35pm
coolFA2Mustard--A true story03/14/13 06:11pm
coolFA2ONLY A MOTHER WOULD KNOW...02/27/13 01:07pm
coolFA1Mule Trading02/26/13 06:35pm
wwwcaFA1The Nerve Of Some People!...‏02/18/13 07:36pm
wwwcaFA2Fences around the White House‏02/17/13 09:33am
metals33FA3Deaf Wife Problem02/14/13 08:50pm
hazzardFA0Re: Dear Abby01/30/13 02:43pm
coolFA0Re: Dear Abby01/29/13 11:14pm
KevinKTTA2Dear Abby01/29/13 08:04pm
metals33FA1Senior Citizen Joke01/08/13 10:51pm
DogFA0New York Times Wedding Retraction01/07/13 01:33pm
metals33FA3How toShowers like Woman/Man12/31/12 01:18pm
metals33FA0Merry Christmas12/13/12 12:20am
TradingChiefFA0Re: Ontario vs Saskatchewan 10/03/12 10:16pm
Farmer SparkyFA7Ontario vs Saskatchewan 09/26/12 09:20pm
KevinKTFA2Don't honk at old people09/24/12 04:53pm
coolFA3 makes sense to me09/20/12 03:55pm
rmo1957FA1Tiffany's07/30/12 05:50pm
DogFA1Re: Feed or Don't Feed07/04/12 08:22pm
KevinKTFA5Feed or Don't Feed07/04/12 01:19pm
coolFA1POLITICIANS07/03/12 09:26pm
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