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GoldSilvBullFA1Verizons Chops 8000 jobs07/27/09 05:30pm
GoldSilvBullFA0Axerican Express - Cut 4000 jobs05/18/09 07:17pm
GoldSilvBullFA0GM & Chrysler set to cut 3000 Dealerships05/13/09 07:25pm
GoldSilvBullFA0Todays NON Farms Payroll05/08/09 07:51am
TorpedoFA0eBay cutting 700 jobs in Vancouver05/06/09 06:26am
wpgFA0GM will cut 1,600 more jobs04/20/09 09:29pm
TorpedoFA0Jobless rate hits seven-year high04/09/09 07:39am
GoldSilvBullFA0Bombardier to layoff 3000 workers worldwide04/02/09 07:12am
coolFA0USPS 100,000 Lay off & Early retirement03/31/09 04:33pm
wpgFA1IBM cutting jobs across Canada, spokesman says03/31/09 08:40am
GoldSilvBullFA0CBC slashes 800 jobs03/25/09 01:19pm
wpgFA0Nokia layoffs03/18/09 11:30am
GoldSilvBullLT0Catepillar Layoffs another 2424 people03/17/09 03:47pm
wpgFA0Komatsu closing Quebec plant03/06/09 08:44am
wpgFA0NP/wire say Nova Chemicals cancels layoffs03/03/09 03:50pm
wpgFA0Flash memory drive maker Spansion files for Chapter 1103/02/09 09:00am
wpgFA0Globe says Nortel saves on 3,200 jobs02/26/09 09:50pm
wpgFA0Anglo American cuts 19,000 jobs02/20/09 09:27pm
wpgST0Transcontinental cuts 1,500 jobs across North America02/19/09 08:57pm
wpgST0Air Canada's problems pile up02/19/09 08:55pm
wpgLT0Deere & Co.02/19/09 08:22pm
wpgLT0Agilent Technologies02/19/09 08:20pm
alcollardFA0Goodyear posts loss, plans 5,000 job cuts02/18/09 09:04pm
GoldSilvBullLT0General Motors Layoff 47,000 Chrysler 3,00002/18/09 07:58am
wpgFA0Panasonic to cut 15,000 jobs worldwide02/04/09 01:32pm
wpgFA0Re: Macy's02/02/09 07:55pm
TradingChiefFA0Macy's02/02/09 02:03pm
JamieFA0Clipper Windpower laid off 90 employees02/01/09 08:42pm
JamieFA0Caterpillar Inc. will fire 2,110 factory workers ...02/01/09 08:31pm
JamieFA0More than 6,000 jobs are set to go @ Glaxo02/01/09 11:53am
wpgFA0AOL axing 700 jobs in cost-cutting move01/31/09 01:26pm
wpgFA0NEC will cut 20,000 jobs01/30/09 11:11am
wpgFA0Kodak trims staff as sales fall01/29/09 08:43am
wpgFA0Sprint Nextel to eliminate 8,000 jobs01/28/09 08:00pm
wpgFA0Google adds staff while profit sinks01/28/09 07:10pm
wpgFA0IBM cutting jobs across U.S.01/28/09 06:58pm
wpgFA0SAP to cut 3,000 jobs01/28/09 06:56pm
wpgFA0Re: A Summary (This Year to date)01/27/09 10:13pm
BlitzblutzFA0Re: A Summary (This Year to date)01/27/09 08:17pm
NowWhatFA0A Summary (This Year to date)01/27/09 05:28pm
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