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@OIL - price of oil
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DogFA0New fracking technique could change everything11/02/13 11:14am
tradingdaveTA1Oil technicals01/30/13 06:04pm
KevinKTFA0Canada buy high sell low05/10/12 12:43am
PWD10FA0Re: Been looking at jr oils 04/12/12 08:20pm
KevinKTFA3Not economical to build refineries in AB02/06/12 12:59am
KevinKTFA0Saudi did not make up Lybia production losses04/17/11 02:10am
7midnightTA0Re: price for a short-term top03/10/11 01:30pm
7midnightTA1Re: price for a short-term top03/08/11 03:29am
7midnightTA0price for a short-term top03/07/11 03:18am
smitiniFA0Been looking at jr oils 02/28/11 12:43am
KevinKTFA3WTI vs Brent, ASCI 02/10/11 11:48pm
KevinKTFA2We lose 750,000 bod production01/09/11 07:30pm
KevinKTFA0OPEC: High Prices Coming09/21/10 07:23pm
KevinKTFA0China will force the world off oil08/24/10 10:51am
EvaTA0Bakken Oil Formation in Sask. and manitoba08/20/10 11:53am
KevinKTFA0China Plans Oil-Storage Spree08/04/10 01:13pm
KevinKTFA0EIA oil inventory 2010-7-1407/14/10 01:30pm
KevinKTFA0How Fast will China's Oil Demand Grow? 07/07/10 12:25pm
KevinKTFA0Oil seasonal demand07/07/10 12:24pm
DennisFA0Re: What a Difference 3 Years make06/13/10 07:47pm
KevinKTFA1What a Difference 3 Years make06/13/10 11:46am
hazzardFA1Re: Deepwater Drilling Is Dead and Not Coming Back! 05/31/10 09:27pm
7midnightFA1Re: Deepwater Drilling Is Dead and Not Coming Back! 05/31/10 03:41pm
KevinKTFA1Deepwater Drilling Is Dead and Not Coming Back! 05/31/10 02:07pm
KevinKTFA0Rate Of New Major Project Startup Falling Sharply - Major Sh05/31/10 02:05pm
KevinKTFA0Nigeria's agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill05/31/10 12:19am
patmacFA0Petroleum supply monthly report04/12/10 08:00pm
7midnightFA0Re: Rick Rule on Energy04/06/10 02:06am
KevinKTFA1Rick Rule on Energy04/05/10 12:37pm
y2jFA1Public underinvested in energy stocks, $100 Oil soon03/09/10 01:12am
KevinKTFA0Oil Set for Mthly Gain as Economy Recovers, Stockpiles Drop03/01/10 03:55pm
KevinKTFA0China Processed 29% More Crude Y/Y03/01/10 03:53pm
KevinKTFA0Asia buys record volume of W.African oil in Q1 03/01/10 03:51pm
KevinKTFA0Henry Groppe sees oil to average $80 this year01/08/10 06:26pm
GoldSilvBullFA0OPEC "Crude rising could erode 2010 demand"11/11/09 07:43am
orbit1TA0Market summary 9/30/09 tuesday09/30/09 08:05am
orbit1TA0Crude oil summary 28/09/0909/28/09 08:38pm
alcollardFA0Crude falls for second day on API inventories, stronger $USD08/26/09 10:30am
alcollardFA0Oil trader under scrutiny for phenomenal success08/16/09 08:16pm
orbit1TA0Market Summary 8/12/2009 08/12/09 10:07pm
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