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Sunday, July 24 2011 - 09:07pm AlertFAposted by: 7midnight
#18559 - Re: Anyone playing Petrobank


PBN.TO did a nice double bottom at 12.36 and got a good bounce.

I used to own PBG years back, followed it quite closely and I always thought that their THAI process sounded good. It does not appear to have translated into much value over the long-term, however. Seems that they got a good hammering when they spun-off some assets? They were also an early player in the promising Bakken zone and I think that they have one of the larger land positions there. All in all I have always thought of the company as quite innovative and forward-thinking.

Just a few general thoughts. I confess to not being even remotely up to date on company news ... going from memory. I always did like that company.

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