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@ROOS - Inflation versus Deflati
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roosTA0Taibi strikes again! Must read imho.02/19/10 11:21am
roosTA1how strong is the spine of angela merkel?02/15/10 01:49pm
roosTA1will it finally happen?02/15/10 01:34pm
roosTA0market might move differently then....02/06/10 11:53pm
DennisFA2Re: martin amstrong's newest01/10/10 01:24pm
roosTA1martin amstrong's newest01/09/10 03:47pm
roosTA0bankers emergency gathering/political pressure on euro 01/06/10 01:23pm
roosTA2obama fighting the fat cats on wallstreet?01/05/10 07:21pm
roosTA0end of the euro as we know it? jim willie12/28/09 07:11am
roosTA1It makes us wonder if its all just a Ponzi scheme?12/27/09 06:03pm
roosTA1bank of america12/11/09 07:47am
roosTA1matt taibi/rolling stone reporter on theobama administration12/11/09 01:31am
roosTA3Very Important Read11/21/09 03:06pm
roosTA0a summary of the chinese motivation amongst others.09/11/09 05:23am
roosTA0gold bulls pick on the new chinese derivative policy09/11/09 05:04am
roosTA1the chinese also noticed the big middle finger09/09/09 09:32am
roosTA0Re: a different opinion09/09/09 12:15am
roosTA0a different opinion09/09/09 12:14am
roosTA0more graphs for the ta-ers. who is spending how much.09/07/09 11:08pm
roosTA0the famous Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's pick on the subject09/07/09 11:01pm
roosTA2the economy in graphs for ta people here. 1929/200809/07/09 06:53pm
roosTA0china versus wallstreet.09/07/09 06:26pm
roosTA0inflation is a tax09/07/09 05:56pm
roosTA1martin armstrong explains again....08/31/09 08:50am
roosTA0negative interest rates on bank deposits in sweden by cb.08/29/09 01:09pm
roosTA0Real US unemployment rate at 16 pct: Fed official08/29/09 12:30pm
roosTA1the shell game-how the fed is monatizing dept08/29/09 11:48am
roosTA1jim willie, sharp as always, as well on banking ...08/28/09 12:32am
roosTA0aint over yet!08/28/09 12:18am
roosTA0timmy geithner sales again next week.08/21/09 04:19am
roosTA2martin armstrongs latest.08/17/09 02:14am
roosTA0where did all that money go?08/15/09 06:34pm
roosTA0some scary charts08/15/09 06:31pm
roosTA0unemployment08/15/09 06:26pm
roosTA0Consumer Credit Contracting is it a Big Deal?08/15/09 06:20pm
roosTA0 inflation or deflation. depending on turnover of money...08/15/09 06:16pm
roosTA0waning volume...08/15/09 06:14pm
roosTA0china on the brink of new stimuli?08/15/09 06:10pm
roosTA0corporate cash is also king08/15/09 05:56pm
roosTA0Re: from commodity currency to paper currency and back...08/09/09 03:25pm
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