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  1. We are all adults here
  2. We are not followers, every one of us have opinion
  3. We know what Due Diligence really is, and do it
  4. We are respectful of one another
  5. We protect each other from pumpers, bashers, and people that drool while posting
  6. We ban multiple aliases, no second chances are given unless the Moderators feel we have been to harsh
  7. as Jon Stewart said to Cramer, QUOTE- "this is not an effing game its peoples lives". ENQUOTE We could not agree more!!
  8. Games are what are played on other boards. We do not play games here.
  9. We are all friends here. We work together everyday and try to help each other make money. Frontrunners are exposed and tossed. Momentum creators are exposed and tossed. People that use our members to try to get a stock going are tossed.
  10. Members are honest here. if you ask them for a straight answer they will give you a straight answer -but, its opinion.
  11. We purposely quell any over exuberance on boards. So that clear thought is always present and pumpers and bashers cannot capitalize on hysteria.
  12. We protect our members. We have no interest in threats and will support our members from over exhuberant people.
  13. We have fun while trading and investing. That is what it should be.
  14. We do not allow personal attacks. We have a protocol. It is one of professionalism. If someone is upset with a post, we act as an intermediary between the person that feels persecuted, libeled or demeaned and the other person.
  15. Anyone posting a threat, is banned, no if, buts about it, they are gone.
  16. We trust our members, we believe in them and so far after 5 years only one person has let us down, and that person is gone.
  17. We do not receive, options, warrants, favors from any listed company. We have one ad space it is above each forum. A company can buy the space and place their company banner their with a link to their website. we have no need or want to promote them. This makes for an awkward business plan but we intend on taking the moral high road to success.
  18. Are we as honest as we say? Yes we are. You have all been on boards long enough to sense who is hose-ing you and who is not. Give us a try, I can assure you it it a refreshing environment.

Liam Egan - the current Administrator
Posts under the alias Liam and runs the automated service ChiefBot Email-Click Here

Dennis Bremner started this site back in 2006 and is still an active member. His Alias is Dennis.
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