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Shares O/S 484,597,994Market Cap $300,450,756
(CDNX) FCU:CA - Fission Uranium
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newsNR0Fission Drills Now Turning at PLS; Focus on New Zones and Regional Exploration07/07/16 03:00am
newsNR0Fission 52 Hole Program Targets 2.58km Mineralized Trend and Regional Hot Spots06/15/16 03:00am
newsNR0Fission's PLS Ranked Top Undeveloped Uranium Project in the World by The Mining Journal06/06/16 10:30am
newsNR0Fission Assays Show Potential to Connect Zones and Expand 2.58km Trend05/17/16 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Exploration Holes Hit Wide, High Grade Mineralization 2.34km Apart04/18/16 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Hits High-Grades in 3 Zones, Including 23.03% U3O8 Over 4.5m03/31/16 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Regional Exploration Drilling Hits Anomalous Radioactivity at Forest Lake, 7.28km from Triple R03/28/16 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Increases PLS Mineralized Strike Length to 2.58 km; Grows 3 Zones03/21/16 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Expands New Zone; Grows PLS Mineralized Strike Length to 2.53 km03/08/16 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Expands R600W, R780E and R1620E Zones With High-Grade Hits02/16/16 03:00am
newsNR0Fission's New R840W Zone to Receive Expanded Drill Program02/08/16 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Responds to Limited Technical Disclosure Review by BCSC02/05/16 06:00pm
newsNR0Fission Closes Strategic Investment by CGN Mining01/26/16 01:17pm
newsNR0Fission Targets R600W, Triple R and High-Priority Regional Drilling With 35 Hole Program01/21/16 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Announces Execution of Subscription Agreement and Offtake Agreement with CGN Mining01/11/16 05:20am
newsNR0IIROC Trade Resumption - FCU12/21/15 09:41am
newsNR0CGN to Invest CDN$82M at $0.85 in Fission Uranium12/21/15 09:30am
newsNR0IIROC Trading Halt - FCU12/21/15 08:24am
newsNR0Fission Management Receives Strongest Support to Date Amid Record Voting Numbers at 2015 AGM12/15/15 04:35pm
newsNR0Fission Wins Prestigious Mining Journal "Exploration of the Year" Award; Receives Shareholder Recommendation from Glass Lewis & Co.12/07/15 09:00am
newsNR0Fission Uranium Corp. Addresses Withdrawal of Dissident Nominees12/02/15 04:52pm
newsNR0Leading Independent Proxy Advisor ISS Recommends Fission Uranium Shareholders Vote FOR All Resolutions Including the Board's Proposed Director Nominees11/30/15 09:00am
newsNR0Fission Hits 26.03% U3O8 Over 6.0M in 11.02% U3O8 Over 25.5M; R600W and R780E Zones Expand11/25/15 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Sends Letter and Mails Management Information Circular to Shareholders11/16/15 09:00am
newsNR0Fission Announces Adoption of Advance Notice By-Law10/26/15 07:54pm
newsNR0Fission Hits 11.0% U3O8 Over 5.0m; High Grade Holes Expands R600W, R780E and R1620E10/20/15 03:00am
newsNR0IIROC Trade Resumption - DML; FCU10/13/15 08:39am
newsNR0IIROC Trading Halt - DML; FCU10/13/15 08:19am
newsNR0Denison and Fission Terminate Arrangement Agreement10/13/15 08:15am
Learning CurveFA0FCU Oversight - Concerned Shareholders10/07/15 12:31pm
newsNR0Fission to Co-Host Town Hall Meeting Regarding Denison/Fission Merger on October 6, 2015 at Royal York Hotel in Toronto at 4:30 P.M.09/30/15 06:34pm
newsNR0Fission Regional Drilling Hits Anomalous Radioactivity at Forest Lake and Patterson Lake Corridors09/24/15 03:00am
newsNR0Fission High Grade Drilling Expands R600W, R780E and R1620E; Hits 21.53% U3O8 Over 4.5M09/21/15 03:00am
newsNR0Fission R600W Drilling Ends with 100% Hit Rate, Expands North With 13.59m Total Composite Greater Than 10,000 cps Radioactivity in 58.0m Total Composite Mineralization09/17/15 03:00am
arkaroolaFA0David Sadowski has elevated Fission Uranium to "outperform" 09/08/15 07:43am
newsNR0Fission Hits Broad High-Grade Mineralization at Eastern Edge of Triple R Deposit (Line 1125E)08/11/15 03:00am
newsNR0Denison and Fission Execute Definitive Arrangement Agreement07/28/15 09:15am
newsNR0Fission Step-Out Drilling Expands R600W and R780E Zones; Seven New High-Grade Holes07/28/15 03:00am
Learning CurveFA0Fission U: 3 Upside Scenarios In Market Poised for Recovery07/15/15 07:38am
newsNR0Fission's First Summer Holes Hit High-Grades at R600W and R780E07/13/15 03:15am
newsNR0IIROC Trade Resumption - FCU07/07/15 08:37am
newsNR0Denison and Fission Announce Transaction to Create Leading Diversified Uranium Company07/06/15 04:55pm
newsNR0IIROC Trading Halt - FCU; DML07/06/15 04:40pm
newsNR0Fission Hits 8.04% U3O8 Over 19.5m in 3.82% U3O8 Over 43.5m; Expands Triple R Footprint06/29/15 03:15am
newsNR0Fission 60 Hole Program to Target R600W and Triple R Growth Plus Regional Targets06/18/15 03:15am
newsNR0Fission Expands R600W Zone and Discovers New High-Grade Mineralization 25m North of R600W06/15/15 03:15am
newsNR0Fission Expands R600W Zone; Step Out Hits 14.84% U3O8 Over 3.5M06/01/15 03:12am
newsNR0Fission Hits 28.32% U3O8 Over 12.0M at R600W Zone05/04/15 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Uranium Raises $20,010,000 Through Bought Deal Financing04/29/15 09:10am
newsNR0Fission Hits Four High-Grade Holes at R780E Zone; Drills Radioactivity at Forest Lake on Three Conductors04/16/15 03:00am
7midnightTA3chart04/13/15 04:59am
rabbatTA1Gap Close....04/10/15 09:36am
newsNR0Fission Hits 8.01m Total Composite Greater Than 10,000 cps Radioactivity in 105.0m Total Composite Mineralization; 8 New High-Grade Holes04/08/15 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Step Out Hits 14.09% U3O8 Over 3.5M in 1.91% U3O8 Over 33.5m; 16 Holes Expand R780E Zone04/06/15 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Step Out Hits High Grade 30m North of R600W Among 15/15 Mineralized Holes at R600W, R780E and R1620E Zones03/31/15 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Hits 14.74% U3O8 Over 9.0M in 3.36% U3O8 Over 44.0m at R600W Zone03/25/15 03:00am
rabbatFA2Re: FCU News03/18/15 12:25pm
Learning CurveFA0FCU News03/18/15 07:46am
gonefishingFA3Ross & Brent Cook03/13/15 01:24pm
HB011FA1Re: chart03/04/15 04:22pm
7midnightTA5Re: chart03/04/15 02:35pm
gonefishingFA0PDAC Info03/03/15 06:48pm
HendrikFA0Re: Core Box03/03/15 04:36pm
rabbatFA1Core Box03/03/15 12:12pm
newsNR0Fission Hits Off-Scale on Land, 555m West of Triple R03/01/15 12:00pm
newsNR0Fission Files 43-101 Report and AIF With SEDAR for Triple R Deposit at PLS02/26/15 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Uranium Corp. Acquires Shares of Fission 3.0 Corp.02/23/15 02:33pm
newsNR0Fission Uranium to Acquire 12% of Athabasca Basin Project Generator-Fission 3.0 Corp02/11/15 03:00am
Learning CurveFA1Expert Comments02/10/15 09:22pm
Learning CurveFA1Aldrin Partners with take over target Fission Energy...02/10/15 08:24am
newsNR0Fission Expands R780E Zone Width from 55m to 95m (line 615E); Nine New Mineralized Holes02/10/15 03:00am
HendrikFA0Do you think FCU needs a PEA before it will get a bid?01/29/15 02:16pm
rabbatFA1New Core Box01/26/15 04:31pm
rabbatFA2Core Box01/26/15 08:29am
newsNR0Fission's First Five Holes Widen R780E Main Zone; 100% Hit Rate at Shallow Depth01/26/15 03:00am
newsNR0Fission Uranium Corp.: Step Out Drilling Begins at Triple R and the Search for Additional Deposits at PLS01/19/15 03:00am
newsNR0RETRANSMISSION: Fission's Initial Resource Totals at PLS: 79.6M lbs Indicated and 25.9M lbs Inferred01/12/15 03:01am
Bubba_13FA3CEO. ca article01/11/15 08:37pm
newsNR0Fission's Initial Resource Totals at PLS: 79.6M lbs Indicated and 25.9M lbs Inferred01/09/15 06:30pm
7midnightTA0Re: chart12/16/14 04:43pm
TrenthillsFA1Fourteen Holes Return Substantial High-Grade Intervals12/01/14 08:30am
newsNR0Fission Hits 32.53% U3O8 Over 6.5M (LINE 735E); Fourteen High-Grade Holes12/01/14 03:00am
HB011FA0Re: Fission Uranium. FCU.to.. We might have a winner here !!11/29/14 11:30am
TrenthillsTA2Fission Uranium. FCU.to.. We might have a winner here !!11/29/14 11:20am
7midnightTA2Re: chart11/28/14 05:38am
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