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(CDNX) NPK:CA - Verde Potash
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newsNR0Verde Potash Announces Results of the 2015 Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders06/26/15 05:05pm
newsNR0Public Funding Received to Expand ThermoPotash Development Activities10/06/14 07:00am
newsNR0Verde Potash Announces Results of the 2014 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders06/20/14 05:20pm
newsNR0Sugarcane Yields Significantly Benefit from ThermoPotash Compared to KCl04/30/14 07:00am
newsNR0Measured and Indicated Resource Estimate Increases to 1.47 Billion Tonnes at 9.2% K2O03/20/14 09:13am
newsNR0Inova Agro's Funding Decision Confirmed03/19/14 09:01am
newsNR0ThermoPotash Improves the Quality of Coffee03/11/14 09:41am
FA1hup ....breakout over $1.1003/06/14 11:02am
newsNR0Verde Potash Provides Additional Information on Inova Agro02/19/14 09:37am
newsNR0IIROC Trade Resumption - NPK02/18/14 02:07pm
newsNR0Verde Potash is Selected to Obtain Financing from Inova Agro02/18/14 01:55pm
newsNR0IIROC Trading Halt - NPK02/18/14 11:15am
newsNR0Verde Potash Responds to Stock Trading Activity02/13/14 10:29am
newsNR0Inova Agro's Results Postponed until February 18th02/04/14 05:40pm
newsNR0Mr. Alysson Paulinelli Joins Verde's Board of Directors01/14/14 08:21am
newsNR0Verde Potash Announces Cost Reductions and Mr. Leonardo Moretzsohn's Resignation12/26/13 04:01pm
newsNR0Verde Potash Responds to Stock Trading Activity12/06/13 02:34pm
newsNR0Verde Provides Clarification on Performance Guarantees for KCl Production08/16/13 05:06pm
newsNR0Verde Potash Provides Update on 2012 Cerrado Verde Drilling Campaign10/15/12 09:50am
newsNR0Verde Hires New CFO to Lead Structured Finance Efforts08/22/12 04:00pm
newsNR0/R E P E A T -- Progress Report: Environmental and Mine Site Design/07/27/12 09:00am
newsNR0Progress Report: Environmental and Mine Site Design07/26/12 04:00pm
newsNR0Verde Announces Q1 Financial Results05/14/12 04:30pm
newsNR0Verde Potash to Commence Trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)04/10/12 09:00am
newsNR0Verde Potash Completes $28,750,000 Prospectus Offering03/23/12 10:14am
DennisFA0Still think this one a total con03/02/12 12:38pm
newsNR0Verde Potash Files Updated Preliminary Economic Assessment03/02/12 12:18pm
newsNR0Verde Potash Files Updated Preliminary Economic Assessment02/29/12 06:29am
newsNR0Verde Announces Preliminary Economic Assessment for the Production of Conventional Potash01/31/12 07:00am
ThresholdFA2NPK doubles resource est to 2.68B tonnes of K2O at surface01/10/12 10:33pm
newsNR0Verde Potash: Cerrado Verde Inferred Resource Estimation Expanded 100% to 2.68 Billion Tonnes at 8.8% K2O01/10/12 04:30pm
newsNR0Verde Potash Announces Appointment of Chief Operating Officer12/23/11 12:00pm
newsNR0Verde Potash Successfully Produces KCl from its Potash Resources Amenable to Strip Mining11/30/11 04:01pm
newsNR0Verde Grants 90,000 Stock Options to Officers of the Company10/28/11 05:25pm
newsNR0Open Pittable 1.1 Billion Tonnes at 9.36% K2O Added to Cerrado Verde Potash Project, Brazil08/03/11 07:48am
newsNR0Major High Grade Limestone Discovery Confirmed by Drilling06/22/11 11:36am
patmacFA0Stock Summary (DIG)06/06/11 01:00pm
newsNR0Verde Provides First Quarter 2011 Corporate Update05/31/11 08:51am
newsNR0Verde Potash: ThermoPotash Provides Stronger Results than KCl in Efficacy Tests05/16/11 06:00am
newsNR0Verde Potash Increases Drilled Surface Area by 2200% at Cerrado Verde05/09/11 06:00am
newsNR0Dr. Richard Garnett Joins Verde's Board of Directors05/04/11 05:06pm
FA0New ATH today04/20/11 07:38pm
FA0David Prescott talks a bit about AMZ on Money Talks April04/16/11 01:56pm
FA0GMP up grade on amz coming out soon04/15/11 08:07pm
ThresholdFA2Re: Salman update on AMZ TARGET 125 canadian buks04/14/11 12:02am
patmacTA2Re: Salman update on AMZ TARGET 125 canadian buks04/13/11 10:08pm
FA2Salman update on AMZ TARGET 125 canadian buks04/13/11 05:13pm
Dennis0Chart03/31/11 01:26pm
y2jFA0Amazon Mining sees Potash's big potential03/08/11 09:54pm
mazFA4Re: Rocket Says Sell02/17/11 05:32pm
ThresholdFA1Re: Rocket Says Sell02/17/11 01:21am
Kerrisdale90210FA1Re: Rocket Says Sell02/17/11 01:07am
ThresholdFA6Re: Rocket Says Sell02/16/11 11:38pm
Kerrisdale90210FA1Rocket Says Sell02/16/11 06:43pm
KevinKTFA3Salman Partners on AMZ AAA WPX MAA02/11/11 12:53pm
Dennis0Chart02/10/11 11:48am
ThresholdFA1Re: Amazon MIning01/12/11 08:04pm
seatermanFA0Amazon MIning01/12/11 05:45pm
FA1bidding war between Bunge and Cvrd12/25/10 02:27pm
FA2JK targets12/25/10 11:07am
ThresholdFA1Great news out of AMZ tonight12/17/10 12:17am
y2jFA0Patent App filed for Production of KCl and SOP From Verdete12/02/10 07:35pm
SmirnFA0Re: Brazil miner plans to pioneer slow-release potash11/30/10 09:02pm
y2jFA0Brazil miner plans to pioneer slow-release potash11/30/10 06:26pm
y2jTA0Pennant Breakout, Measured Move = 5.7011/30/10 09:17am
y2jFA0Corporate Update11/26/10 04:23pm
y2jTA1Chart11/03/10 01:25pm
DennisFA03,71 -99 good11/03/10 01:13pm
DennisFA0Re: 3.16-72 is good10/28/10 04:05pm
DennisFA03.16-72 is good10/28/10 01:36pm
Dennis1Chart10/27/10 05:40pm
DennisFA1So why all the fuss over the release yesterday?10/27/10 02:24pm
DennisFA0 3.16 lets go here ALGO has a lower number for the next buy 10/27/10 11:24am
TradingChiefFA0Re: $3.61-3.83 10/27/10 09:47am
TradingChiefTA0Re: $3.61-3.83 10/26/10 03:47pm
TradingChiefTA0Re: $3.61-3.83 10/26/10 03:21pm
TradingChiefFA0$3.61-3.83 10/26/10 02:35pm
DennisFA0Re: We called 3.66 as top 10/25/10 11:45am
DennisFA4Re: We called 3.66 as top 10/23/10 05:49pm
FA1We called 3.66 as top 10/23/10 09:25am
Kerrisdale90210FA1Re: Dennis10/19/10 12:38am
FA1Re: Dennis10/17/10 09:47am
DennisFA7Re: Dennis10/17/10 08:36am
FA2Re: Dennis10/16/10 06:47pm
wpgFA1Re: Dennis10/16/10 02:55pm
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