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IPXLhubcitTA0IPXL chart05/13/17 03:50pm
GENERALPostmanTA0Re: AMFE04/13/17 12:41pm
GENERALPostmanFA0Re: AMFE04/12/17 04:16am
RTMnewsFD0What Lies Ahead for Equal Weight Funds After Trump Bump?03/30/17 12:42pm
RTMnewsFD0Guggenheim Investments Declares Equity Exchange Traded Funds Quarterly Distributions03/16/17 07:17pm
GENERALPostmanFA0AMFE03/14/17 12:56pm
RTMnewsFD0LyondellBasell Gets ‘Hold’ Rating from Majority of Analysts03/13/17 07:37am
RTMnewsFD0LyondellBasell Issued $1 Billion of Guaranteed Notes03/07/17 08:20am
RTMnewsFD0Eastman Increases Prices of Copolyesters03/07/17 07:36am
RTMnewsFD0Air Products to Supply Additional Hydrogen for Marathon Petroleum03/06/17 12:35pm
RTMnewsFD0Is PPG Industries’ Dividend Yield Better Than Its Peers?03/02/17 11:35am
RTMnewsFD0LyondellBasell Prices $1 Billion in Public Offering Guaranteed Notes02/28/17 01:06pm
RTMnewsFD0A Look at Albemarle’s Dividend Yield Curve since 201102/28/17 12:06pm
RTMnewsFD0Air Products and Chemicals to Showcase New Mobile Nitrogen Pumpers02/28/17 11:35am
RTMnewsFD0Why Is Sherwin-Williams’ Dividend Yield Falling?02/28/17 07:49am
RTMnewsFD0Eastman Chemical Raises Prices on AQ Polymers02/21/17 02:06pm
RTMnewsFD0Air Products & Chemicals Hikes Prices of Industrial Gas Products02/21/17 12:10pm
RTMnewsFD0Eastman Chemical Increases Prices on Some of Its Products02/13/17 10:02am
RTMnewsFD0Albemarle to Buy Back a Part of Outstanding Debt via Tender Offer01/09/17 08:11am
GENERALMarcelFA0NXS.V - Nexus Gold Completes Drilling at Niangouela 01/04/17 02:11pm
RTMnewsFD0Analyzing PPG Industries’ 2016 Dividend01/02/17 07:37am
RTMnewsFD0Why FMC Is Trading at a Discount to Albemarle12/30/16 10:36am
RTMnewsFD0Why Most Analysts Recommend a ‘Hold’ for FMC12/30/16 09:07am
RTMnewsFD0FMC Declares 4Q16 Dividend12/30/16 07:38am
RTMnewsFD0FMC Stock Has Been Skyrocketing since November12/29/16 05:05pm
TSLAnewsFD0GM’s Chevy Bolt EV Not Widely Available Until Spring11/17/16 09:13pm
TSLAnewsFD0Tesla, SolarCity Merger Gets Shareholder Approval11/17/16 09:13pm
TSLAnewsFD0Tesla, SolarCity Merger Gets Shareholder Approval11/17/16 08:09pm
TSLAnewsFD0Shareholders Approve Tesla Motors, Inc. Acquisition of SolarCity11/17/16 08:03pm
TSLAnewsFD0Elon Musk to the guy who invested his net worth in Tesla: ‘We won’t let you down’11/17/16 07:10pm
TSLAnewsFD0Tesla Shareholders Putting Their Faith In Elon Musk11/17/16 06:52pm
TSLAnewsFD0Combination of Solar City and Tesla Motors Faces Risks Not Seen Prior to Trump's Election11/17/16 06:48pm
TSLAnewsFD0Tesla-SolarCity deal approved by shareholders, expected to close in coming days11/17/16 06:43pm
TSLAnewsFD0Tesla's Musk closes SolarCity deal, more challenges lie ahead11/17/16 06:42pm
TSLAnewsFD0Tesla's Musk closes SolarCity deal, more challenges lie ahead11/17/16 06:36pm
TSLAnewsFD0Musk Says Tesla’s Solar Shingles Will Cost Less Than a Dumb Roof11/17/16 06:33pm
TSLAnewsFD0Next for Tesla and SolarCity: The lawsuits11/17/16 06:13pm
TSLAnewsFD0Carmakers show their caution on electric cars at LA Auto Show11/17/16 06:06pm
TSLAnewsFD0Carmakers show their caution on electric cars at Los Angeles Auto Show11/17/16 06:04pm
TSLAnewsFD0Tesla and SolarCity merger gets approval from shareholders11/17/16 06:00pm
TSLAnewsFD0Tesla expects at least $500M from SCTY over next 3 years11/17/16 05:46pm
TSLAnewsFD0Elon Musk: Tesla solar roof will likely cost less than a normal roof11/17/16 05:42pm
TSLAnewsFD0Tesla can become much more than EV maker: Motley Fool11/17/16 05:41pm
TSLAnewsFD0Tesla, SolarCity get shareholder approval for merger11/17/16 05:38pm
TSLAnewsFD0Tesla, SolarCity get shareholder approval for merger11/17/16 05:38pm
AAPLLiamFA0Apple sitting on a powder keg of dramatically aging iPhones10/24/16 12:27pm
NOGhubcitTA0buy imho08/08/16 03:09am
GENERALhubcitTA0$WTIC bullish08/05/16 02:35am
GENERALhubcitTA0$WTIC reversing08/04/16 01:39am
GENERALhubcitTA0$WTIC chart is still bearish08/02/16 11:26pm
GENERALhubcitTA0$WTIC double bottom needed07/28/16 02:20pm
GENERALhubcitTA0$WTIC falling wedge07/25/16 08:19am
GENERALhubcitTA0Re: corn and weat07/20/16 12:37pm
GENERALhubcitTA0spy breakout on weekly07/18/16 07:56am
GENERALhubcitTA0corn and weat07/13/16 12:31am
GENERALhubcitTA0NIHD07/10/16 06:56pm
GENERALhubcitTA1SPXS07/06/16 06:34am
GENERALhubcitTA1lower $USD should make gold silver and oil go higher06/19/16 08:56pm
HUNhubcitTA1nice setup IMHO06/19/16 12:44pm
WTIhubcitTA1$VIX is high06/12/16 02:43pm
GENERALhubcitTA1$WTIC bearish chart06/12/16 12:16pm
GENERALhubcitTA1CSRA06/12/16 10:43am
WTIhubcitTA2buy trigger06/07/16 01:12am
GENERALhubcitTA1$silver06/05/16 10:45am
GENERALhubcitTA1$gold06/05/16 10:41am
IAUhubcitTA0half hearted recommendation06/03/16 08:53am
CPAhubcitTA1slow sto 5,1 trigger06/03/16 01:47am
VRXhubcitTA1Re: double bottom on vrx - buy trigger06/02/16 11:27am
VRXhubcitTA0Re: double bottom on vrx05/30/16 12:09am
VRXhubcitTA1double bottom on vrx05/23/16 12:30am
GPRO416InvestorTA1chart05/16/16 10:39pm
SPYhubcitTA1S&P 500 hit a double top, now is going lower05/05/16 07:16pm
AAPL7midnightTA1Re: chart05/03/16 04:13pm
AAPL7midnightTA1Re: chart04/27/16 05:31pm
CAT7midnightTA1Important bellweather stock for materials04/27/16 04:09pm
GENERALhubcitTA1S&P 500 i will try again04/22/16 09:15am
PBRhubcitTA1PBR a sell04/19/16 02:56pm
GOLDhubcitTA1$gold looks like a buy04/19/16 02:39pm
XLFhubcitTA1financials soon to go lower, IMHO04/17/16 08:55am
HRBhubcitTA2recovering after 52 week low04/13/16 02:33pm
RBShubcitTA1looks like a buy04/13/16 09:02am
SGYhubcitTA1chart looks ok04/11/16 03:45pm
AAPL7midnightTA1chart04/07/16 05:58pm
REGNhubcitTA1big day04/01/16 03:40pm
AMAGhubcitTA2crossing the zero line03/31/16 11:57pm
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