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Shares O/S 700,000Market Cap $25,676,000
(AMX) SRS - UltraShort Real Estate ProShares
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newsNR0Shamrock Enterprises Arranges Private Placement09/27/13 06:05am
newsNR0Shamrock Enterprises Extends Fireweed Property Agreement01/21/13 06:00am
newsNR0Shamrock Enterprises Obtains Conditional Approval to List on TSX Venture Exchange11/07/12 06:00am
newsNR0Shamrock Enterprises Files NI-43-101 Technical Report and Arranges Private Placement Offering of Up to 8,000,000 Units09/12/12 08:54pm
newsNR0Shamrock Intersects 15.1 Meters of 444 g/t Silver on the Fireweed Project04/18/12 11:31am
newsNR0Shamrock Enterprises Corporate Update11/30/11 05:38pm
newsNR0Shamrock Finalizes Private Placement09/21/11 01:11pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : cci buy signal03/03/10 02:50pm
ShakeyFA0Soured NYC deal portends property storm02/08/10 08:38am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : bullish downtrend break01/12/10 12:30pm
roosTA0selling srs12/27/09 08:03pm
ChiefBotFA0 Dennis : small yahoo and a bail of 7.91s at 8.20 to averag12/07/09 02:35pm
rabbatFA1Re: More U.S. Commercial Loans Going Belly Up12/04/09 04:25pm
arkaroolaFA1Commercial Real Estate Crash Is Here12/04/09 04:24pm
arkaroolaFA2More U.S. Commercial Loans Going Belly Up12/04/09 04:24pm
roosTA0Re: More U.S. Commercial Loans Going Belly Up12/02/09 10:22am
roosTA0srs almost on the loy12/01/09 02:08pm
TradingChiefFA1Re: Dubai Debt Woes May Hit U.S. Property Market11/30/09 08:44am
brutus2005FA0Dubai Debt Woes May Hit U.S. Property Market11/29/09 11:07am
ChiefBotFA0 Dennis : bought back Friday sells at 8.50 and not all in y11/23/09 10:10am
ShakeyFA0Re: Is it time...!?!11/21/09 06:29am
ssultanFA0Re: Is it time...!?!11/20/09 10:00am
ShakeyFA0Re: Is it time...!?!11/20/09 06:43am
ssultanFA0Is it time...!?!11/18/09 10:17pm
busterFA2Commercial Real Estate11/17/09 07:10am
rabbatFA0Repost of CRE Article10/27/09 08:34am
ChiefBotFA0 Dennis : SRS has to move in next 14 trading days. If no10/26/09 01:35pm
ThresholdFA1nuther one bites the dust10/26/09 07:26am
roosTA0Re: nuther one bites the dust10/26/09 03:19am
alcollardFA1More Pain Lies Ahead for Commercial Real Estate10/09/09 07:35am
ChiefBotFA0 Dennis : sold some at 11.00 because we should get market b10/02/09 09:40am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : break of 3 month downtrend10/01/09 01:08pm
7midnightFA0IYR real estate shares: the anti-SRS09/18/09 03:34am
ssultanTA0Yikes!09/16/09 02:02pm
bfwFA0$9 target reached...09/15/09 04:59pm
roosTA0Commercial Mortgage Defaults Jump for U.S. Banks 09/07/09 06:49pm
ChiefBotFA0 Dennis : CNBC interviewing more an more people saying comm08/31/09 09:50am
ChiefBotFA1 fringe : - 60Min Snapshot - uber tight08/28/09 07:44pm
alcollardFA0Notice to All Proshare Advisors SRS Investors08/14/09 08:13pm
DennisFA0Lefrak was on CNBC08/14/09 07:53am
ChiefBotFA0 Dennis : had a few heart attacks but kept adding sold 11.108/11/09 11:25am
roosTA0bloomberg last month on commercial real estate.08/08/09 07:54pm
roosTA0i guess 15 sept 2009 will be d-day for srs08/08/09 06:47pm
alcollardFA2Perhaps there is hope for SRS investors !!!08/08/09 06:15pm
roosTA0Re: Class Action Lawsuit Against UltraShort Real Estate--SRS08/06/09 10:39am
alcollardFA0Class Action Lawsuit Against UltraShort Real Estate--SRS08/06/09 09:04am
7midnightTA1Re: seems to me...08/06/09 01:16am
roosTA0Re: seems to me...08/05/09 11:28am
roosTA0Re: seems to me...08/03/09 11:06pm
roosTA0seems to me...08/01/09 03:57am
alcollardFA0Re: trying to find out07/26/09 10:43pm
roosTA0trying to find out07/26/09 10:07pm
TraderBobFA0More of the same 07/26/09 08:22pm
alcollardFA0Is commercial real estate the next disaster?07/25/09 11:06am
7midnightTA0Re: intraday observation06/29/09 06:35pm
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : SRS looks to me to be doing apex thingy on 15 mi06/29/09 02:05pm
7midnightTA0intraday observation06/29/09 02:04pm
alcollardFA0Is a commercial real estate bust inevitable?05/28/09 07:42am
ChiefBotFA0 viking : its not pulling anymore this might be a good star05/04/09 01:30pm
JamieFA0Commercial Real Estate: Sad State of Affairs & Getting Worse04/19/09 05:27pm
JamieFA0CMBS Shutdown May Have Sealed General Growth’s Fate04/17/09 06:18pm
alcollardFA0General Growth brings more bad news for banks04/17/09 06:11am
JamieFA0Fed Weighs Change to TALF program ...04/16/09 06:30pm
TradingChiefFA0SPG buying assets04/16/09 01:05pm
caplockkidFA0Re: #2 mall owner bankrupt04/16/09 09:46am
HawkeyeFA0#2 mall owner bankrupt04/16/09 08:06am
DennisFA0If you have strong stomach04/15/09 10:25am
TradingChiefFA0I have problems with this one but04/09/09 10:54am
JamieFA0Washington policy makers are going to bail out CRE!? ....04/03/09 04:57pm
JamieFA1SRS found new low again!? Bottom must be in, mustn't it? LOL04/02/09 08:40pm
JamieFA1Defaults Rise as Worst Is Yet to Come for Commercial Propert04/02/09 05:54am
DogFA0Re: SRS may be toast here02/08/09 10:22pm
EvaLT0China breaking out ?02/08/09 09:31pm
TradingChiefFA0SRS may be toast here02/08/09 11:26am
DogFA0SRS ino trend analysis sample01/04/09 11:38am
Natvad0Anyone for U.S real estate?03/12/08 11:24am
hubcit0shorting real estate10/15/07 07:19pm
hubcit0shorting real estate08/28/07 10:10am
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