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(CDNX) GOR:CA - Goldrea Resources Corp.
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newsNR0Goldrea Resources Lists on the Canadian Securities Exchange - Video News Alert on InvestmentPitch.com08/01/14 11:46am
newsNR0Goldrea Puts Rushan/Goldrea Gold Asset Up for Sale and Extends Warrants11/06/12 09:00am
newsNR0Goldrea Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement09/17/12 12:43pm
newsNR0Goldrea Announces Appointment of New CEO and President07/09/12 12:05pm
newsNR0Goldrea's China Loan Agreement04/12/12 12:19pm
newsNR0Goldrea China Update03/15/12 10:00am
newsNR0Goldrea's 2011 Fieldwork on Wigwam Encounters Iron-Titanium-Vanadium Bearing Mineralization in Area of Anomalous Magnetometer Readings03/06/12 02:00pm
newsNR0Goldrea Increases Claims at Wigwam Iron/Magnetite Project08/25/11 05:00am
newsNR0Goldrea's Golden Rose Produces 1,289 Tonne Stockpile Grading 2.203 Grams Per Tonne Au in June and Director Resignation07/28/11 11:13am
newsNR0Goldrea to Focus on Advanced Rushan/Goldrea Joint Venture06/30/11 04:05pm
newsNR0Goldrea Retains Deloitte & Touche Corporate Finance Canada06/28/11 02:22pm
newsNR0Goldrea Enters Into an Agreement to Purchase Wigwam Magnetite Prospect06/21/11 05:00am
newsNR0Goldrea Closes Private Placement03/28/11 05:00am
newsNR0Goldrea Resources Corp.: Non-Brokered Private Placement03/23/11 01:16pm
newsNR0Goldrea Withdraws From Financing Offer03/08/11 05:34pm
newsNR0Goldrea Options Its Arizona Gold Project12/17/10 06:00am
newsNR0Goldrea Resources Corp.: New Zone Encountered at Level Three From Golden Rose Shaft11/15/10 06:00am
newsNR0Goldrea Closes Private Placement11/09/10 01:11pm
newsNR0Goldrea Private Placement Over-Subscribed11/03/10 01:52pm
newsNR0Goldrea Resources Corp.: Shares for Debt10/25/10 05:00am
newsNR0Final Due Diligence of the Goldrea/Rushan Gold Project With European Fund in China10/21/10 05:00am
newsNR0Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada - Trade Resumption - Goldrea Resources Corp. - GOR10/18/10 02:18pm
newsNR0Goldrea Announces Non-Brokered Private Placement10/13/10 05:00am
newsNR0Goldrea Terminates Private Placement with China Finance/Negotiating Gold Loan09/03/10 02:17pm
newsNR0Goldrea Announces Updates to 43-101 Report Completed05/28/10 06:39pm
newsNR0Goldrea Resources Corp.: Special Meeting of Shareholders-Voting Results05/11/10 05:01am
newsNR0Goldrea Resources Corp.: China Finance Update and Review04/15/10 05:00am
newsNR0Goldrea Announces Private Placement With Chinese Investment Firm03/26/10 05:00am
newsNR0Goldrea Resources Corp.: Incentive Stock Options-Correction02/25/10 06:09pm
newsNR0Goldrea Resources Corp.: Incentive Stock Options02/24/10 07:06pm
newsNR0Goldrea Resources Corp.: High Grade Development Continues in Golden Rose Mine and Reverse Circulation Drilling Completed in North America01/06/10 02:00pm
newsNR0Goldrea Resources Corp.: Processing of Initial Stockpile Successfully Completed11/30/09 01:31pm
newsNR0Goldrea Resources Corp. and Molycor Gold Corp.: Drilling Commences on the Flap Gold Project11/10/09 06:00am
newsNR0Goldrea Resources Corp.: 20,000 Tonnes Stock Pile Currently Being Processed11/04/09 12:44pm
ilovegold99FA0GOR/MOR Drilling Complete07/10/08 01:32pm
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