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lorFA0ANALYST UPGRADE PRICE TARGET $19.00 08/01/10 07:29pm
lorTA0Geron to proceed with first human clinical trial of embryoni07/30/10 08:48am
arkaroolaFA0Geron Announces Positive Data - Small Molecule Telomerase05/19/10 07:48am
arkaroolaFA0 Geron Announces Positive Study Data on GRNCM1 05/13/10 01:38pm
DAWTA0Re: World first windpipe transplant using stem cells03/22/10 12:03pm
DAWFA0World first windpipe transplant using stem cells03/22/10 04:02am
TradingChiefTA0CHART update03/16/10 10:32am
DennisTA3Chart and projection03/06/10 08:36pm
dalmoreFA0Re: This AMs activity03/06/10 06:35am
DAWFA0Re: This AMs activity03/06/10 05:32am
DAWFA0Re: This AMs activity03/05/10 05:34pm
DAWFA0Re: This AMs activity03/05/10 01:22pm
DAWFA0Re: Finally some concrete progress03/04/10 09:06am
DAWFA0Finally some concrete progress03/03/10 05:25pm
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : moving pretty fast01/20/10 10:15am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : hitting HOD again01/11/10 11:45am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : Geron is presenting at the JP Morgan Healthcare 01/11/10 09:55am
DAWFA0Re: Interesting close01/08/10 04:32pm
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : moving up this AM. No idea what is moving it th01/06/10 09:50am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : going again. Hitting different newswires?01/04/10 03:55pm
ChiefBotFA0 Dennis : holly fark lol01/04/10 02:45pm
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : going strong all of a sudden01/04/10 02:35pm
dalmoreTA0Re: Showing some life12/23/09 06:57am
dalmoreFA0Re: MS sufferer walks after stem cell treatment12/15/09 08:52am
alcollardFA0Geron Presents Interim Clinical Data11/19/09 09:24am
dalmoreFA0Re: Geron and FDA Reach Agreement on Clinical Hold10/30/09 04:52pm
alcollardFA0Geron and FDA Reach Agreement on Clinical Hold10/30/09 01:31pm
alcollardFA0New Synthetic Surface Matrices to Enhance Stem Cell Growth09/21/09 08:57am
alcollardFA0Geron Announces Direct Equity Issuance09/10/09 07:39am
alcollardFA0Geron to Present at Four Investor Conferences08/31/09 07:32am
dalmoreFA0Re: Geron Comments on FDA Hold on Spinal Cord Injury Trial08/27/09 01:53pm
ChiefBotFA0 dalmore : ran to top recent candle, think with news run to 08/27/09 09:50am
alcollardFA1Geron Comments on FDA Hold on Spinal Cord Injury Trial08/27/09 08:28am
ChiefBotFA0 dalmore : going08/26/09 10:45am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : going strong08/26/09 10:40am
dalmoreTA0Re: recent accumulation08/26/09 10:38am
dalmoreTA0recent accumulation08/26/09 07:19am
RJVFA0Re: I may bail08/21/09 04:23pm
revresboFA0Re: GERN email08/19/09 09:22am
dalmoreFA0Re: GERN email08/18/09 11:26am
dalmoreFA0Re: Geron08/18/09 09:52am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : lots of stops being hit and lots of speculators 08/18/09 09:35am
alcollardFA0Geron"s IND for Spinal Cord Injury Placed on Hold08/18/09 07:33am
dalmoreFA0Re: The GERN/GE deal explained08/14/09 11:26am
dalmoreTA0chart08/14/09 11:24am
ChiefBotFA0 Dennis : $73.9 is pivot, full selldown to bottom of trend i08/11/09 11:30am
ChiefBotFA0 Dennis : nice whipswa 7.25 low now 7.78 and rising08/10/09 09:55am
ChiefBotFA0 revresbo : nah, it's cause i bought :)08/06/09 01:55pm
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : pulling hard. Maybe hitting stops?08/06/09 01:50pm
wpgFA0Re: Back in GERN08/03/09 05:36pm
alcollardFA0Re: Back in GERN08/03/09 02:19pm
alcollardFA0Back in GERN08/03/09 09:55am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : trying to break the day's lows07/31/09 03:37pm
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : getting slapped down pre conference call and pos07/31/09 09:31am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : getting some legs again07/30/09 10:11am
alcollardFA0Geron Announces Conference Call 07/28/09 09:35pm
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : I )like everyone else) wasexpecting some kind of07/28/09 10:17am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : big pull on the open07/28/09 09:38am
DAWFA0Re: Monday morn07/27/09 12:41pm
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : pulling now. Looking for 8.50 to hold07/27/09 12:35pm
ChiefBotFA0 Dennis : in at 8.88 hopefully it is a lucky number for me a07/27/09 12:15pm
ChiefBotTA0 heliman : 8.50 was resistance and a close in upper 8 area 07/27/09 11:22am
ChiefBotFA0 Dennis : bull pull 9.01 secondary bullpull is 8.92-4 end 07/27/09 11:20am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : through 9.10, up 1.12 and vol picking up07/27/09 11:10am
DAWFA0Re: Monday morn07/27/09 11:08am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : there goes 8.7007/27/09 11:05am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : 8.90 broken07/27/09 11:05am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : broke 8.60 about a minute later07/27/09 11:05am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : broke 8.5007/27/09 11:05am
DAWFA1Re: Why the afternoon sell off of GERN today?07/25/09 04:26am
alcollardFA1Why the afternoon sell off of GERN today?07/24/09 01:11am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : looking more and more like Dick knows something07/23/09 12:55pm
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : sittiing at 8.00 so something going on07/23/09 10:10am
alcollardFA0GERN files $259 mil mixed securities shelf offering07/10/09 09:26am
alcollardFA0Paralyzed with 7-14 Days to Decide on a Test07/09/09 06:43am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : testing pre market highs07/06/09 09:45am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : getting lots of interest this AM07/06/09 09:35am
alcollardFA0Geron Study Supports Use Of Stem Cells In Cancer Vaccines07/06/09 09:33am
alcollardFA0Geron Scientists and Collaborators Publish Data07/06/09 07:55am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : new HOD07/02/09 02:54pm
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : moving up today07/02/09 10:10am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : going now06/30/09 09:55am
ChiefBotFA0 TradingChief : 50% retrace on this pop is 7.71 so in at 7.06/30/09 09:50am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : I guess while I am waiting for the open to settl06/30/09 09:30am
ChiefBotFA0 heliman : yup, the first time I have overslept in 5 years06/30/09 09:25am
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