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Wednesday, October 28 2009 - 08:30am AlertFAposted by: dalmore
#54265 - Analyst $12.50 target


Not received an actual copy of the report yet, and even if, take with the requisite pinch of salt. However, the traget gives some upside above the recent high, in the argument for being bought out by an.other big pharma.

Regardless, should cause some excitement...

Westport Capital Markets, LLC
Equity Research
Life Sciences
October 23, 2009
George B. Zavoico, PhD
Equity Research Analyst
Tel: 203-222-8932
Direct: 203-644-8083
Novavax, Inc. Nasdaq:NVAX
Recommendation: BUY Target Price: $12.50

"..Based on our long-term revenue and expenses projections, and if vaccine development proceeds without
any significant delays, unfavorable trial results, or other negative surprises, we think Novavax could become
profitable in 2011 based largely on sales revenue of its pandemic H1N1 flu VLP
vaccine in Mexico. In 2012, we expect Novavax to launch and begin marketing
its seasonal flu VLP vaccine in the U.S. We use a discounted P/E model applied
to our projected 2012 EPS to arrive at our current value of $10.00 per share and
one-year price target of $12.50 per share. Westport Capital Markets is initiating
coverage of Novavax, Inc. with a BUY recommendation..."

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