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Shares O/S 4,165,000Market Cap $91,963,200
(TSX) HGU:CA - Horizons S&P/Tsx Gld Bull
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newsNR0Horizons ETFs Announces Unit Split and Consolidations05/13/16 05:07pm
newsNR0Horizons ETFs Announces Updated Unit Consolidation Ratios11/13/15 05:21pm
newsNR0Horizons ETFs announces unit consolidations10/23/15 05:01pm
Dennis0Chart09/23/11 02:26pm
newsNR0Horizons Exchange Traded Funds Launches Inverse Gold and Silver ETFs07/07/11 08:05am
HB011FA0CFM/gold, potash01/08/11 02:10pm
newsNR0Horizons Gold Yield Fund11/24/10 12:48pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : I suspect we consolidate for couple weeks then 05/05/10 10:16am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : goldies may just be breathing here - may backtes04/13/10 10:00am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : make er breal = stochs overbought, volume droppi04/12/10 01:40pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : watch for breakout http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/u03/16/10 10:30am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : XAU I would agree 172 doable - 185 - dunno http03/02/10 11:05am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : nice channel trade weekly http://stockcharts.com02/02/10 11:45am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : shoulder gettin there . . . http://stockcharts.01/26/10 11:20am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : on baseline - uptrend01/20/10 02:05pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : make er break http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=H01/20/10 12:10pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : apex http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=HGU.TO&01/12/10 01:00pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : make er break - extend blue line out - http://st01/11/10 02:20pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : popped out of pennant - bck in , now at R http:/01/06/10 01:55pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : some overhead but may be going for that upper do01/05/10 09:25am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : on S here12/30/09 02:35pm
roll1upFA0Big miss this morning12/23/09 12:34pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : oops chart http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=HGU.12/11/09 11:55am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : looking very oversold on stochs, 200ema for S he12/11/09 11:55am
ChiefBotFA1 cdnbeau : I think we get the turn here http://stockcharts.12/10/09 02:53pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : would be bully to turn at 200ema http://stockcha12/07/09 02:50pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : - may get bounce 13.5 http://stockcharts.com/h-s12/07/09 11:30am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : "should" bounce at 50ema http://stockcharts.com/12/04/09 01:55pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : backtest and go???? http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/12/04/09 12:40pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : breakout if close up here12/01/09 12:10pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : - still wondering if we need rt shoulder http://12/01/09 12:00pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : stochs and MACD worrisome for swing11/27/09 11:15am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : backtesting the breakout here http://stockcharts11/27/09 11:10am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : another view - may tap downtrend and put in anot11/19/09 03:30pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : breakout if holds here eod http://stockcharts.co11/09/09 11:35am
TA1Re: ?topping11/09/09 07:46am
stockabcdeFA2Re: Scary spot ? You are the one who is scaring me lol11/01/09 07:17am
stockabcdeFA1Re: Scary spot ? You are the one who is scaring me lol10/31/09 11:55pm
EvaTA0Re: Scary spot ? You are the one who is scaring me lol10/31/09 10:39pm
GoldSilvBullFA0Re: Scary spot ? You are the one who is scaring me lol10/31/09 05:57pm
stockabcdeFA0Re: Scary spot ? You are the one who is scaring me lol10/31/09 05:55pm
Lynx222FA0Re: Scary spot ? You are the one who is scaring me lol10/31/09 02:54pm
EvaTA0Scary spot ? You are the one who is scaring me lol10/31/09 11:45am
alcollardFA0Globe says HBP S&P/TSX Global Gold should rally10/30/09 06:37am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : make er break http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=H10/28/09 12:14pm
GoldSilvBullFA0Re: Dont shoot the messenger09/12/09 07:35am
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : green on fugday09/01/09 03:10pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : has broken downtrend and is over 50ema08/28/09 01:30pm
ChiefBotFA0 cdnbeau : actually up despite markets and POG07/02/09 10:15am
GoldSilvBullFA0Re: We seem to be just channel trading04/26/09 12:50pm
TradingChiefFA0Re: Citigroup Gold Pump = full of $*&(11/29/08 09:59am
kevbellFA0Re: Citigroup Gold Pump = full of $*&(11/29/08 09:45am
TradingChiefFA0Re: Citigroup Gold Pump = full of $*&(11/28/08 09:14am
billygold2FA2HGU Weighting11/28/08 08:34am
randy841FA1Re: Citigroup Gold Pump = full of $*&(11/27/08 03:56pm
brutus2005FA0Citigroup Gold Pump11/27/08 03:00pm
TradingChiefTA2Re: Bearish Reversal HGU11/25/08 08:38am
alcollardFA1Re: Bearish Reversal HGU11/25/08 08:37am
Kerrisdale90210TA0Re: Bearish Reversal HGU11/24/08 11:52am
alcollardTA0Bearish Reversal11/23/08 10:37pm
deanoFA0Re: HGU reacting well10/08/08 04:43pm
mazTA0HGU - just a little bit of leverage10/08/08 04:24pm
rwtwpgTA0HGU reacting well10/08/08 01:06pm
EvaFA0Richard Russel snippet : Cheap, cheap,cheap08/13/08 11:03pm
y2jTA4Re: Technical rebound08/13/08 10:53pm
y2jTA0HUI - Correction over08/06/08 12:26pm
y2jTA1Re: Technical rebound08/01/08 09:50pm
stockabcdeTA1Re: Technical rebound08/01/08 04:54pm
stockabcdeTA0Re: Technical rebound08/01/08 12:57am
stockabcdeTA0Re: Technical rebound07/31/08 04:37pm
stockabcdeTA0Re: Technical rebound07/30/08 08:57pm
stockabcdeTA1Re: Technical rebound07/29/08 11:29pm
stockabcdeTA0Re: Technical rebound07/29/08 05:26am
stockabcdeFA0Re: Technical rebound07/26/08 09:15pm
stockabcdeTA0Technical rebound07/25/08 07:14am
stockabcdeST0Re: In.........06/19/08 08:36pm
stockabcdeST0Re: In.........06/17/08 06:47am
stockabcdeST0Re: In.........06/12/08 09:56am
stockabcdeST0Re: In.........06/11/08 05:56pm
stockabcdeST0Re: In.........06/10/08 11:32am
stockabcdeST0Re: In.........06/09/08 09:27pm
stockabcdeST0Re: In.........06/09/08 05:53am
stockabcdeST0Re: In.........06/06/08 07:17am
stockabcdeST0In.........05/20/08 03:47pm
stockabcdeST0Smoking05/08/08 10:51am
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