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Welcome to TradingChief.Com

This is a TradingChief.com Automatic Respond message.

If you are returning member, welcome back, if a New Member welcome and read the following information please.

New Member

Logging into TradingChief.Com(TCC) or The BoardRoom.

  • Enter your username and TradingChief.Com Password into the login at the top left of the site.
  • Click Canada Board 
  • This is a Custom Stockboard that allows progressive chat on any topic.
  • We have 4 Indexes for this site.

    2 Pages are for Stocks, one for Canada and one for United States stocks

    1 for Group Boards (Group board) and

    1 for Blogs (Blog Button)

    1 ALL-Board samples all three of the above pages.

We have a Forum Search entry box at the top middle of the Page

For instance, for a stock. Input NOT and the Search Entry box will drop a menu with the letters you are searching for. Click on Canada: NOT and it will take you to the forum. If its a member you are looking for and you only know he has "NOT" in his name then click the sub-menu in the search box labeled Members. If you want to know all the places NOT is talked about you will see that in the associated GroupBoard list in the sub-menu.

You do not need to enter the exchange AT ALL

  • The Board Room located at http://tradingchief.com/stock-board.php , is a rolling discussion board which we just opened. It is like StockHouse(tm) Investors Hub(tm) and SiliconInvestor(tm)
  • Our board is structured to inform traders, so Charts, News, Insider Trading, Company Info O/S, Market Cap and Pivot Information is readily available from every message and forum.
  • We have 172,000 websites, 391,000 News releases and the entire "BoardRoom" is searchable through "ChiefSearch" for premium members.
  • BlabberChat is a little chat that appears on the left side of the BulletinBoard where you can ask questions, give a heads up to fellow traders, or just chat, all members have access to it 24/7. Just place a question there, and someone will answer it.

This is not a dictatorship this is a democracy. just check the TradingChief.Com Rules at http://tradingchief.com/rules.php

Again Welcome to TradingChief.com (TCC) and enjoy!!!


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